YuGiOh! Card Search Tool for Wechat (Open Source)

YuGiOh! is my favorite TCG (Trading Card Game) popular with global players, which has released over 7,000 different cards now for constructing your own deck.

And the YuGiOh! Card Search Tool for Wechat is an open source project created for Wechat official account that automatically response to user’s search query for any YuGiOh! card. I created this simply because I cannot remember so many cards up to now, and during a face-to-face duel it’s an urgent demand to quickly check opponent’s unfamiliar card.

  Screenshot_2013-10-16-00-03-23  Screenshot_2013-10-16-00-04-59  Screenshot_2013-10-16-00-05-17

By entering part of or the full card name/effect/exchange code/any other information, and tap “send”, this robot shally instantly help you find out which card(s) you are looking up for.

To see how it works, add Wechat official account by search id ourocg or name 游戏王卡片查询

I published this project on my Github:

Thanks to ocgsoft.cn for providing card data API.

写了个艾宾浩斯遗忘曲线记单词 on Sina App Engine

为了充分利用看电影和玩游戏的尿点潜移默化背单词,写了这个简单的小工具,运行在 Sina App Engine 上。可用新浪微博账号登录,走的是 OAuth 验证通道,因此除我之外其它感兴趣(且不嫌弃)的朋友也能放心使用。暂名 Memorize。



  • 根据艾宾浩斯遗忘曲线原理,显示当天用户应当复习的单词列表。
  • 目前的设定是在(首次添加单词后的)第 1、2、4、7、15、30、90、180 天复习。经过八轮滚动,让短期记忆固化为长期记忆。
  • 至于遵循艾宾浩斯遗忘曲线是否真能提高记忆效率,此前我也未尝试,恰好借此工具验证。

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